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Wellington Management

AIA's partnership with global asset management firms

Tracing its history to 1928, Wellington is one of the largest independent investment management firms in the world. With over US$1.39 trillion in assets under management (as at September 2021), they serve as a trusted investment adviser to more than 2,400 institutional clients and mutual fund sponsors in over 60 countries. It has a lengthy history of managing savings and retirement assets on behalf of banks, pension funds and insurers to meet their investment needs that span 10 to 20 years or even longer. For example, the Wellington Fund, founded in 1929, which is Vanguard's oldest mutual fund as well as the oldest balanced fund in the United States.
It remains privately owned and this is central to stability and allows Wellington to align its interests with those of their clients to focus on long-term results, while also attracting and retaining outstanding investment talent. With Wellington's long-term mindset and commitment to delivering sustainable returns over a multi-year investment horizon, there is great alignment in how AIA's solution is focused on long-term wealth creation and protection, instead of short-term profits.
Wellington's Global Stewards strategy leverages proprietary research capabilities, which involve a global team of professionals covering different industries and geographies to identify new investment portfolio management opportunities. Specifically, this strategy is unique in that:
  • We seek to build high-quality portfolios comprising industry-leading businesses that have superior stewardship attributes and high and persistent ROE.
  • We seek to provide an all-weather strategy with resilience across market cycles.
  • Our portfolio has a high active share (that makes it highly different from the benchmark) and it is constructed to drive alpha through stock selection by reducing any country, sector and factor biases.

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