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Wealth Management

With expertise in multiple disciplines, we present a holistic approach to meet your unique wealth management goals to grow and preserve your wealth, protect your business, and create your legacy.

Our wealth solutions

Serving more than 42 million individual policies for over 100 years, we aim to create purposeful value for each and every stakeholder. We understand the impact that our investments can have on people's lives and believe it is essential to take Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors into consideration when making our investment decisions so that we help to drive sustainable behaviours, including the creation of long-term value.*
The exclusive investment arm of AIA Group, AIA Investments, manages over USD268.5 billion of investments^ and has access to the finest institutional asset managers, leveraging their strategies and expertise to construct investment portfolios that match your goals and risk preferences.
AIA's partnership with Wealth Management Institute also means that you have access to consultants who are professionally qualified with private banking expertise. Catering to your evolving Wealthbeing needs, our consultants are always one step ahead to provide advisory that extends beyond insurance and financial planning.
  1. *AIA Group ESG Report 2023
  2. ^As of 31 Dec 2023

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