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Board and Board Committees of AIA Singapore

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Audit Committee ("AC")

The primary duties of the Audit Committee are to oversee the internal and external audit processes, review the financial information, the financial reporting system and internal control procedures of the Company, its subsidiaries and branch, as well as related party transactions.

AC Composition

AC Terms of Reference

Board Risk Committee ("BRC")

The BRC has the responsibility to assist the Board in determining the Risk Appetite (including the Risk Appetite Statement), Risk Principles and Risk Tolerances, and to ensure that the Company, its subsidiaries and branch establish and maintain an appropriate and effective Risk Management framework, and that sufficient resources are in place for risk management activities.
The BRC is responsible for the review and monitoring of any changes to risk policies, any material breaches and exposures, significant transactions, as well as the results of any future-looking analysis, such as stress and scenario testing. The BRC is further responsible for establishing and embedding a strong risk culture across the Company, its subsidiaries and branch.

BRC Composition

BRC Terms of Reference