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When you plan for your childs's future, remember to also plan for yours

AIA Retirement Solutions

Singaporeans face an uncertain future by focusing mostly on their children's needs, neglecting their own. Whether you are a parent or not, planning for retirement is a priority for the present. A necessary step towards securing your definition of retirement – and spend your golden years, however you want.
Singaporeans have the world's longest life expectancy at 84.8 years old1. According to studies2 conducted, most Singaporeans plan to retire at the average age of 60, and this means at least 25 years of retirement income is required. Below are some insights on Singaporeans' retirement realities. Please refer to the full infographics here.
A holistic retirement plan considers your well-rounded health and wellbeing so you can enjoy retirement in good shape and avoid dipping into your retirement funds for medical needs if you're not adequately protected. Planning for your retirement doesn't only involve you. Leaving a legacy for your loved ones is also a factor to keep in mind.

All AIA savings and investment plans come with protection coverage. Some also offer additional optional coverage for critical illnesses as well as a waiver of future premiums, should the unforeseen occurs — ensuring plan continuity. Coupled with AIA Vitality, one of the most comprehensive wellness programmes in Singapore, we support you to make the right positive changes to improve your overall wellness through a wide spectrum of tools and benefits that target different aspects of your health.
Here are some plans for your consideration. Get in touch with us to start planning for your future.

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1The Straits Times, Jun 20, 2019: Singaporeans have world's longest life expectancy at 84.8 years
2Studies refer to
  • 2AIA Retirement Quotient (RQ) survey which studied 1,000 members of the general Singapore population mid-March 2020,
  • AIA Household Savings Behaviour Study 2021 which surveyed general consumers across eight markets – Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, and Singapore – in January 2021, and
  • AIA360 Retirement Study 2021 which surveyed 331 customers in Singapore in June 2021, representing 1 in 4 Singapore Residents.
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