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AIA Singapore is part of the AIA Group, which today is the largest life insurance company in the world. As a market leader in employee benefits, with more than 50 years of experience in helping employers meet the expectations of their employees, we offer innovative solutions that can address your employees' needs at any stage of their life journey, while delivering a fulfilling customer experience
– enabling them to live Healthier, Longer, Better Lives.
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HR Vendors of the year 2006 - 2023, Gold award for 18 consecutive years
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Our unique and diverse solutions to support and inspire a healthy workforce for your company.

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We are looking beyond claims and into prevention by offering a well-rounded health and wellness programme to engage your employees and support a healthy workforce.

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Make timely and confident decisions for your employees with relevant data and reports.

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Our 24 hour hotline ensures we are always here when you need us the most.

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    Coverage Benefits

Regional Solutions ("AIARS") is a wholly owned network operating in 18 markets across Asia Pacific managed by the AIA Group. The Group's rich Asian heritage and keen contemporary insights have enabled us to maintain leading positions in each of our markets across the Region and secure our vision as the world's pre-eminent life insurance provider. AIA RS offers a wide range of products within the employee benefits field, including Group Term Life and its riders, Accident and Medical coverages. Add value services include extensive wellness solutions, ranging from AIA Vitality and teleconsultation services as well as Voluntary Products for the employees. 
By leveraging the extensive reach of our local offices, AIARS provides centralised reporting and analytics, centralised service support and regional underwriting to MNC clients, to ensure consistent service standards, reliable management and accountability. For clients seeking a single, convenient way to manage their employee benefits in Asia Pacific, our dedicated team of specialists based in Hong Kong and Singapore will provide tailored support and solutions that meet both local needs and regional requirements. 

You may complete a Letter of Appointment and inform us of the change via email.

The AIA Group Term Life and Total and Permanent Disability plan provides comprehensive 24-hour global coverage for total and permanent disability, terminal illness and death. This means wherever they are, your employees will be covered.

The AIA Group Accidental Death and Dismemberment plan provides 24-hour global coverage in the unfortunate event of death due to an accident. It also covers permanent disablement, such as the loss of the use of a limb due to an accident according to the Schedule of Indemnities, and third-degree burns covering at least 25% of the body's surface.

The AIA Group Critical Illness plan provides comprehensive financial support to protect your employees against an unexpected critical illness. It includes either additional or accelerated critical illness coverage for most major critical illnesses.

The AIA Group Long Term Disability plan safeguards your employees against the financial impact of loss of income, in the event that they develop a total or partial disability resulting in them being unable to work and earn an income. 

The AIA Group Hospitalisation and Surgical (GHS) plan is a comprehensive medical expenses reimbursement plan. If your employees need surgery or a hospital stay, this plan will meet most of their medical expenses. 

The AIA Group Major Medical plan provides a safety net for your employees by covering medical costs that fall outside your company's Group Hospitalisation and Surgical plan.

The AIA Group Maternity plan is an add-on to the company's basic Group Hospitalisation and Surgical plan. It reimburses maternity expenses for your female employees/dependants when they require hospitalisation.

The AIA Dental PPO-Plus plan protects your employees' dental health by providing coverage for basic dental procedures such as scaling and polishing, fillings and extractions, and even complex procedures such as wisdom tooth surgery and root canal treatments. 

The AIA Group Specialist Oupatient plan, an add-on to the company's Group Hospitalisation and Surgical plan, is designed to help your employees with the costs of outpatient specialist consultations, medications, X-rays and laboratory tests.

With an extensive network of over 300 panel clinics in Singapore offering cashless transactions upon presentation of the AIA Integrated Healthcare Solutions (IHS) card, the ultimate convenience is provided for your employees' outpatient consultation needs. AIA IHS is an add-on to the company's Group Hospitalisation and Surgical plan.