Our Partners

Delivering long-term sustainable outcomes

We work with selected partners to design strategies

Partnering best-in-class assets managers and leveraging on their strategies and expertise to construct investment portfolios that match your goals and risk preferences. 
At AIA, we have built long-term relationships with strategic partners who have proven global capabilities and are recognised as best in class. These partners are identified to have suitable strategies, that when combined meet the risk and return requirements of the AIA Elite funds.
Coupled with our professional oversight of these relationships and strategies, we are truly differentiated from other wealth managers. The outcome is a suite of funds which are well-constructed and managed while reflecting AIA's philosophy and investment process, leading to long term sustainable results which are consistent with the investment approach.

Focus on the drivers and expect the outcomes

Organisation and People are crucial elements which drive the performance of an asset manager and therefore we focus on understanding and evaluating these factors during our selection process
Being one of the region's largest institutional investors has given us the scale to partner leading global asset managers. We emphasise on quality, not short-term performance. Our hand-picked partners (asset managers) have steady, motivated, and ethical management teams which has and will continue to meet our high standards of attention and service, in order to fulfil the requirements of our insurance business.

Our selected partners