Partner benefits

What is this about?

As AIA Vitality members make healthier choices and reach the Platinum status, they will be rewarded with the Platinum Bonus.
AIA Vitality members are eligible for Platinum Bonus worth 2,000 Vitality coins when they reach the Platinum status before each membership year ends.

What will I get?

Unlock Platinum Bonus worth 2,000 Vitality coins when you reach Platinum status.

How does it work?

Need to know

  • Only active AIA Vitality members are entitled to enjoy the Platinum Bonus benefit.

  • You will need to renew your AIA Vitality membership in order to receive the Platinum Bonus and it will not be applicable to members who have not settled the outstanding AIA Vitality membership fee, if any.

  • The Vitality coins for Platinum Bonus will have a validity of at least six (6), up to seven (7) calendar months from the date it is credited into your in-app Wallet.