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What is this about?

Get a more in-depth understanding of your health with Advanced Health Screening. Choose from a range of options which may include tests like pap smear, colon cancer screening, prostate screening, and others. Find out the health screening rates AIA Vitality member can enjoy at Fullerton Health.

What will I get?

Earn 1,000 AIA Vitality points per membership year for completing each eligible health screening (depending on your age and/or gender).
Types of Health Screening Eligibility AIA Vitality Frequency
Mammogram For females aged 40 years old and above 1,000 points Once every 2 years
Pap smear For females 1,000 points Once every 3 years
Prostate screen (PSA tumour marker) For males aged 50 years old and above 1,000 points Once every 3 years
Colon cancer screen (Stool occult blood test or CEA tumour marker) For adults aged 50 years old and above 1,000 points Once every 2 years
Executive Screen Packages
Components Price
(exclusive of 9% GST)
(inclusive of 9% GST)
AIA Vitality Executive Screen
• Height and Weight Measurements
• Body Mass Index (BMI)
• Body Fat Percentage
• Waist Circumference
• Blood Pressure
• Lipid Profile/Cholesterol
• Fasting Blood Sugar/Glucose
• Liver Function Test
• Kidney Function Test
• Bone and Joint Profile
• Thyroid Screen
• Haematology
• Stool Occult Blood
• Tumour Markers for Liver and Colon
• Tumour Markers for Prostate (for Male) / Ovaries (for Female)
• ThinPrep Pap (TTP) for Female (pap smear)
S$109.00 for Male

S$154 for Female
S$118.81 for Male

S$167.86 for Female
Fuller Health Gold Scan
AIA Vitality Executive Screen with the additional of:
• An Examination of the Heart, Lungs and Abdomen
• A Neurological and Musculoskeletal Examination
• Visual Acuity and Colour Blindness
• Chest X-ray
• Resting Electrocardiogram (ECG)
• Blood and Urine Investigations
• Venereal Disease Screen
• Urinalysis
• Kidney Screen
• Bone and Joint Screen including the RA Factor
• Liver Screen including Hepatitis A & B Antibody checks
• Spirometry
• Ultrasound Liver/ Pelvis or Stress ECG (Treadmill)
• Mammogram for Female

How does it work?

Kindly book an appointment via email at or through phone at +65 6333 3636

Submit your results or receipt via email at together with the following details to earn AIA Vitality points!
Kindly ensure to include:
  • Full name
  • AIA Vitality membership number
  • Date and type of health screening submitted
AIA Vitality points are awarded based on assessment date and you need to submit your receipt within three (3) months of assessment date in order to earn AIA Vitality points.

Need to know

  • All Executive Health Screenings and vaccinations must be booked in advance by appointment only via email at or through phone at +65 6333 3636. For appointments made via email, a confirmation will be sent within two (2) working days.
  • AIA Vitality Executive Screen is available at all retail clinic locations in Singapore except Bedok Heartbeat and Changi City Point.
  • AIA Vitality Fuller Health Silver, Gold and Platinum Scans are only available at Ngee Ann City and Ocean Financial Centre Screening Centres.
  • Vaccinations are available at all retail clinic locations in Singapore.
  • Please note that all vaccinations are strictly on an appointment basis so that the customer service representatives can advise on the stock availability of the vaccinations at your selected clinic.
  • You only need to complete the mammogram and colon cancer screen once every 2 years, and pap smear and prostate screen once every 3 years, and you will be awarded with 1,000 AIA Vitality points annually from the year you submit your results.
  • There is no limit on the number of health screenings you can take in a year, but you will only be awarded a maximum of 1,000 AIA Vitality points once a year for each eligible health screening.
  • AIA Vitality points will take up to seven (7) working days to reflect on your points statement after submission of your receipt.