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Fullerton Health is a leading provider of healthcare solutions in Singapore. Its services include primary care, medical specialist care, medical benefits management services, advanced medical diagnostic imaging, chronic care, physiotherapy services, executive health screening, and occupational health services.
Take active steps to prevent serious illnesses from developing later on in life. With regular health screenings and preventive vaccinations, you can detect and prevent chronic and life-threatening diseases early for improved treatment outcomes.

Fullerton Health services

Advanced health screening

Get a more in-depth understanding of your health with Advanced Health Screening. Choose from a range of options including a full health screening which may include tests like mammogram, pap smear, colon cancer screening, prostate screening, and others.

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We believe that prevention is better than cure. Take the first step today and get vaccinated against the common flu, Hepatitis B and cervical cancer

Learn more on how to earn up to 3,000 points