What is this about?

Be a team leader and form a team of 8 Vitality members (including yourself) to complete Weekly Fitness Challenge together, and you get to earn a team reward of 50 Vitality coins. The team reward is only applicable to team leaders who are at Gold / Platinum Vitality status.

Challenge details

All members to complete their Weekly Fitness Challenge

How does it work?


Step 1:

Build a community of Vitality friends.

 Search for friends and add them to your Friends List.


Step 3:

Complete your Weekly Fitness Challenge.

Click here for: Weekly Fitness Challenge. Ensure your 7 team members complete it too.

Need to know

  • You can be a team leader to form a team of eight (8) Vitality members (including yourself). At the same time, you can also join a maximum of six (6) other teams as a team member. All members must accept his/her in-app invitation(s) to join the team(s).
  • Only team leaders who are at Gold / Platinum Vitality status will earn the team reward of 50 Vitality coins when all eight (8) members have completed their respective Weekly Fitness Challenge.
  • Team leaders must maintain the Gold / Platinum Vitality status at the point of receiving the team reward.
  • The team reward is an additional reward. You will still earn your spin on the Vitality Wheel when you complete your Weekly Fitness Challenge.
  • The Vitality coins will have a validity of at least two (2) up to three (3) calendar months, depending on the date earned. There will be no replacement for expired Vitality coins.
  • Do encourage your team members to complete their Weekly Fitness Challenge. If you need to switch out team members, please do so by every Wednesday 2359hrs. Otherwise the switch will only take effect the following Monday.
  • The Team Challenge is not applicable to AIA Vitality Starter members.