What is this about?

As a leader of products engineered for life on the outside, Garmin delivers innovative GPS technology across industry segments, including automotive, aviation, marine, and outdoor recreation and fitness. Garmin's suite of fitness devices are invaluable for your active life, and help you achieve your fitness goals by tracking your workouts and heart rate to earn your Vitality points daily.

What will I get?

  • Enjoy 25% discount on selected Garmin devices.
  • Earn up to 150 Vitality points a day when you track your workout using Garmin.

What can I track?

You can track your heart rate, speed, steps and sleep with your Garmin device.

How many points can I earn?

Need to know

  • This benefit is exclusive to AIA Vitality members only. All merchandise purchased is meant for AIA Vitality members' personal use. Resale is strictly prohibited.
  • If we detect any unusual, irregular, suspicious, fraudulent or unauthorised use of the benefit, we reserve our right to terminate, suspend or deactivate the AIA Vitality member's participation in AIA Vitality.
  • Local postage and handling fees apply to online orders.
  • Note that you will only earn Vitality points for one physical activity a day, and there is a limit of 15,000 Vitality points you can earn per membership year, which applies to all physical activities.
Fitness Devices/ Apps Heart Rate
(For devices with heart rate monitor)
Speed Steps Sleep
Fitbit App (iOS and Android) N Y Y N
Fitbit Device* (via Fitbit App on iOS and Android) Y Y Y Y
Garmin App (iOS and Android)  N Y Y N
Garmin Device* (via Garmin App on IOS and Android)  Y Y Y Y
Polar App (iOS and Android) N Y Y N
Polar Device* (via Polar App on IOS and Android)  Y Y Y N
Health App (IOS) N N Y N
Apple Watch (via Health App on iOS) Y Y Y Y
Samsung Health N N Y N
Samsung Devices (via Samsung Health)  Y Y Y Y
*Please refer to the device specifications for the fitness data (such as heart rate, speed, steps and sleep) that it can track.
AIA Vitality does not accept fitness data from other third-party devices linked to the above fitness apps or devices. AIA Vitality does not accept or award points for manual input of fitness data.