AIA Guided Portfolios

Enjoy exclusive access to AIA Guided Portfolios put together by a team of dedicated professionals at AIA.

Professional guidance to help you avoid the pitfalls of emotional investing and timing the markets, for optimised returns in the long term.
A choice of 4 portfolios are offered – Pro Adventurous, Pro Balanced, or Pro Cautious and Pro Optimiser – to suit varying risk appetites, investment horizons, and targeted returns.
Designed to optimise your returns while minimising risk, each portfolio is thoroughly researched and well-diversified across asset classes, built on Mercer's insights and knowledge1.
1 The Strategic Asset Allocation which was constructed for AIA by Mercer (and reviewed on an annual basis) as is based on the expected distribution of returns and assumes a normal distribution with the standard deviation of the statistical distribution of returns generated based on Mercer's 10- year Capital Market Assumptions ("CMAs"). Mercer recommended investment strategy is a set of suggested allocations to asset classes that is generated using Mercer 10-year CMAs. All risks and returns projections in this section are statistical in nature, using Mercer CMAs for the underlying asset classes allocated in this strategy, without considering investment cost. Investors, implementing this strategy using appropriate Investment Linked Life Insurance Policies (ILPs) products as indicated above, are subjected to associated investment costs, and may or may not experience risks and returns as projected by Mercer, which have been derived using Mercer's CMAs. Actual return and risks experienced by investors is dependent on the combined performances of these allocated ILP Funds. Mercer is not intended to convey any guarantees as to the future performance of the investment products, asset classes or capital markets discussed. Past performance does not guarantee future results.
Disclaimer with regard to Mercer: Mercer advises AIA on the strategic asset allocation for the AIA Guided Portfolios. Investors of these portfolios are clients of AIA, not Mercer. References to Mercer shall be construed to include Mercer LLC and/or its associated companies, and include Mercer Investment Solutions (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. which provides AIA with certain non-discretionary investment consulting services.