Receive your AIA payouts with PayNow-NRIC/FIN

AIA Singapore is progressively moving towards the Nation's objective to be cheque-free hence, we will start to pay you any policy benefit payout via PayNow-NRIC/FIN as our default option.

Terms & conditions | Digital payments

Terms & conditions | Digital payments

I/We confirm and agree to the following:

(a) I/We are the legal and beneficial owner of the Singapore bank account that is linked to my/our Singapore NRIC/FIN in the use of PayNow.

(b) I/we agree and irrevocably authorise AIA Singapore to pay me/us all policy proceeds ("Payment") by making such Payment using PayNow to transfer to my/our bank account linked to my/our NRIC/FIN for the use of PayNow, and I/we accept all Payments made in such manner, save and except that Payment using PayNow will be made only if the amount does not exceed S$200,000 (or such other permitted limit at the prevailing time);

(c) Notwithstanding paragraph (b) above, where AIA Singapore in its sole and absolute discretion deems that it is not practicable for AIA Singapore to use PayNow, or that there is another preferrable method of making Payment, AIA Singapore may make Payment using any other method as it deems fit in its sole and absolute discretion;

(d) All refunds of premiums or other payments will be effected by AIA Singapore to the source of the monies paid to AIA Singapore; however, if AIA Singapore is unable to ascertain or identify the origins of the payment to AIA Singapore, AIA Singapore may make such refunds to me/us using PayNow or such other methods as it deems appropriate in its sole and absolute discretion.

(e) Notwithstanding the above, I/we agree that payment will be made by cheque(s) if the insurance policy applied for is for business purposes and/or where the Applicant/Policyholder is not an individual.

(f) AIA Group is not responsible for verifying the authenticity, completeness and accuracy of my/our instructions and the contents of this application. Notwithstanding the foregoing, I/we authorize AIA Group to conduct any verifications on my/our accounts maintained with any persons or entities at its discretion, but such authorisation shall not be construed as creating any obligation on the part of the AIA Group to conduct such verification;

(g) AIA Group shall be discharged from all liabilities under and in connection with the Payment and I/we shall not hold AIA Group responsible or liable for any and all losses that I/we may incur in connection with the Payment using PayNow or other means to the accounts with details provided by me/us, including where I/we have provided incomplete, erroneous or inaccurate details of my/our account(s) or personal particulars ("Inaccurate Information");

(h) I/We shall indemnify and keep indemnified, the AIA Group, from and against and hold the AIA Group harmless in respect of any and all demands, claims, liabilities, losses, costs and expenses whatsoever (including all legal and other costs, charges and expenses, fines, penalties, levies and charges on a full indemnity basis) that may be incurred by such persons due to or in connection with the Payment using PayNow (including but not limited to the event where Inaccurate Information has been provided by me);

(i) AIA Group has the right to effect the Payment through any means for any reasons whatsoever, including the issuance of a cheque where another method to effect Payment is unsuccessful, and such payment shall constitute full and final discharge of any and all of AIA Singapore's obligations and liabilities to me/us in respect of the Payment.

In these terms and conditions, "AIA Group" means AIA Singapore, its related parties and service providers and its and their respective directors, employees, representatives, intermediaries, and agents.

Why should you opt for digital payments?

Eligible AIA transactions supported by PayNow-NRIC/FIN

  • Refund of any unused payments for your insurance policy  (e.g, Discounts, excess premiums)
  • Withdrawal of Policy Benefits (e.g, withdrawal from the accumulated Coupon / Dividend / Reversionary Bonus)
  • Policy Loan
  • ILP Partial Withdrawal
  • Full Surrender
  • Other payouts (e.g, Policy Benefits Payout(s); maturity proceed / coupon payout / dividend payout)
For technical issues relating to PayNow (i.e. how to register for PayNow-NRIC/FIN etc), please refer to your bank's FAQ for more information.

How to receive payouts via PayNow-NRIC/FIN

Before you can start receiving payouts via PayNow-NRIC/FIN, please complete a one-time registration to set up your NRIC number to your PayNow Profile via your bank portal.

PayNow is supported by 9 major banks in Singapore

For more information and steps to sign up, contact your bank or click the icon below.