AIA HealthShield Pre-authorisation

Benefits of pre-authorisation

How does it work?

This can be done via:
You will receive an SMS/email confirmation when you have successfully submitted the pre-authorisation request

AIA will notify your doctor via email to submit medical information for assessment.
You will be notified via SMS/email of your doctor's submission.

AIA will assess the pre-authorisation request within 3 working days from the time we receive the e-form submission from your doctor with complete information. Once approved, you will be issued a Certificate of Pre-authorisation confirming the coverage amount for your treatment and hospitalisation.
You will be notified via SMS/email to download the Certificate of Pre-authorisation via My AIA SG.

Have a question about pre-authorisation?

Customers can contact our HealthShield Hotline at 1800 248 8000 regarding pre-authorisation and other aspects of their AIA HealthShield Gold Max policies.

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AIA HealthShield Pre-authorisation for greater peace of mind
Find out more about how AIA HealthShield Pre-authorisation service will benefit you.
Important notes
  • From 15 April 2020, AIA HealthShield Pre-authorisation service will be available for all private hospitals, day surgery centres and clinics for non-emergency hospital admissions and day surgeries.
  • Please note that AIA HealthShield Pre-authorisation is not applicable at Public Hospitals.
  • Upon approval of your pre-authorisation request, we will issue a Certificate of Pre-authorisation stating the medical diagnosis, treatment date, procedures and the approved amount. Items or expenses that are not covered by the Certificate of Pre-authorisation will need to be payable by the patient.
  • We shall pay eligible expenses incurred, subject to any pro-ration factor, deductible and/or co-insurance, any other benefit limits as stated in the benefit table and terms and conditions of the policy contract.
  • The acceptance of Certificate of Pre-authorisation is subject to individual hospital policy.

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