Partner benefits

What is this about?

As a Platinum status member, you'll enjoy the following membership benefits:
  • 20% off Gravity monthly membership fee when you sign up for a 12-month contract.
  • Access to Gravity club plus all Fitness First clubs in Singapore and overseas.
  • One (1) complimentary fitness assessment per membership year.
  • Exclusive discount on your one-time joining fee.
Joining Fee Full Joining Benefits Basic Joining Benefits
(Usual $3000) $488 $188 nett
Membership Benefits 
You can choose from
either Option A or Option B
Option A:
- 5 Personal coaching sessions
Option B:
- 3 Personal coaching sessions
- Personalised TUMI gym bag
- 1 set of Urban Veda products
3 Personal coaching sessions

What will I get?

  1. Unlock 20% discount on Gravity club membership fees when you reach Platinum status.

  2. Earn 100 AIA Vitality points a day when you work out at Gravity club.

How does it work?

You may email Gravity Club at and include your full name, AIA Vitality membership number and AIA Vitality status.

Terms and conditions

  • You can visit the Gravity club and present your AIA Vitality Membership Card/eCard to their staff for verification. You will be required to complete the membership registration forms and make payment for first month's dues and joining fee, if any. A photo of you will be taken and the Gravity club membership card will be issued on the spot.
  • To enjoy this exclusive discounted rate, you will need to sign up for a 12-month contract and make your monthly payments directly to Gravity.
  • Your membership begins on the 1st of the month. You can only start accessing Gravity when your membership begins.
  • Your membership will be renewed on the 1st of every month unless you terminate your club membership, your AIA Vitality membership or your AIA insurance policy.
  • Should you not renew your AIA Vitality membership, and you are within the 12-month contract period of your club membership, you will be liable for the early cancellation penalty fee. Alternatively, you may continue your club membership under the prevailing retail rate offered at Gravity.
  • You have to be a Platinum member upon application and renewal for the Gravity club membership.
  • In the event if you do not maintain your Platinum status, you will not be able to enjoy the benefit once your 12-month contract ends.
For existing Fitness First/Gravity club members:
  • If you have an existing club membership with Fitness First/Gravity, you must first end your existing contract term with no outstanding payments due before you can sign up through the AIA Vitality membership rate.
  • You may, however, earn AIA Vitality points under your existing contract.
  • To start earning AIA Vitality points, simply provide Gravity club with your AIA Vitality membership details. You will start to earn AIA Vitality points seven (7) days after registering your existing membership contract with Gravity club.
Earning AIA Vitality Points
  • You must have your Gravity club membership card scanned each time you start your workout. This may be done at the Gravity club reception.
  • You will earn 100 AIA Vitality points a day for each workout session at Gravity.
  • You will only earn AIA Vitality points for one physical activity a day, which includes gym/yoga session, walking, running and any other activities that can be tracked with fitness devices.
  • If you exercise more than once a day, we will record only the activity that awards you the most points.
  • AIA Vitality points may take up to seven (7) days to be reflected on your AIA Vitality points statement.