AIA Singapore launches AIA Smart G268 - A limited 3-year single premium endowment plan that offers you a high guaranteed 2.68% returns per annum to boost the returns on your savings

14 December 2015 dot 5-min read
Singapore, 14 December 2015 – AIA Singapore today launched AIA Smart G268, a limited 3-year Single Premium Endowment Plan which offers one of the shortest terms in the market with attractive unbeatable guaranteed returns of 2.68% per annum within the industry. Specially bundled with new AIA regular-pay saving plans1, AIA Smart G268 provides opportunities for individuals and families in Singapore to further boost their savings as they look forward to the new year. This exclusive offer is only valid2 from 14 December 2015 to 29 January 2016.
The AIA Smart G268 will boost your savings with these features:
  • Attractive unbeatable guaranteed returns: Enjoy guaranteed returns of 2.68% per annum over 3 years with one single payment, a rate higher than any saving deposits in Singapore at present.
  • Guaranteed Issuance: No underwriting required.
  • Death Benefit: Receive financial protection as your single premium or cash value, whichever is higher, will be paid out if the insured passes on. The plan also includes first year accidental death benefit with an additional 10% payout on top of the death benefit if the insured passes on due to an accident3.
As The Real Life Company, AIA Singapore is focused on helping ensure that you are financially secured. Ms Ho Lee Yen, Chief Marketing Officer of AIA Singapore said, "Singaporeans may be savers but they tend to do so passively and park their savings away in the banks which only gives very modest returns. By offering AIA Smart G268 bundled with a choice of AIA savings plan, customers now have a smarter way to save, enjoying attractive returns for the short-term while taking a long-term view of their savings.
For example, pre-retirees can get the AIA Smart G268 with AIA Retirement Saver (II), for their retirement needs as it provides a lifetime of income to supplement their CPF Life payouts. Young families may take up this plan with AIA Guaranteed Protect Plus which can help them get their own tailored level of protection and savings."
The plan is being launched at a time when recent findings show that many Singaporeans worry about the cost of living4 and Singapore is, for the second year running, the world's most expensive city5.
1 Eligible regular-pay saving plans : AIA Retirement Saver (II) (Single Pay excluded), AIA Smart Pro Rewards, AIA Smart Pro Saver (SGD only), AIA Smart Growth (II), AIA SmartRewards Saver (II), AIA Guaranteed Protect Plus, AIA Life Plus (II).
2 This exclusive offer is only available from 14 December 2015 to 29 January 2016 or until the tranche size is met.
3 To provide support for dependents, the plan also includes First Year Accidental Death Benefit in which 10% additional payout of single premium paid on top of the Death Benefit should the insured pass on within 90 days due to and from the Issue Date of the Basic Policy.
4 Cost of living a worry for many – TODAY 14 August 2015,
5 Singapore still world's most expensive city, says EIU – Straits Times 3 March 2015,
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