Health and Wellness

Enabling better health outcomes

Our approach

We recognise that understanding the Health and Wellness challenges faced by our stakeholders is crucial in our ability to sustain AIA's success. By identifying the problems faced, we can take steps to tackle the issue and enable our communities to improve their Health and Wellness.
At AIA, our Health and Wellness pillar encompasses four key priorities:

Encouraging healthy living

At AIA, we believe in making a positive difference in people's lives. One of the ways we do this is through actively promoting the health and well-being of our customers, employees, agents and the community, engaging them in exciting and unique ways to help them live healthier, longer, better lives.

Sharing and learning together

Pursuing good mental health

1 in 7 Singaporeans have experienced a mental disorder in their lifetime. A study by Institute of Mental Health and Nanyang Technological University revealed that of those Singaporeans who have experienced a mental disorder, only 25 percent sought professional help.
At AIA, we believe in having a holistic approach to protect the many aspects of our customers' wellbeing. That's why we have always been a vocal advocate of mental health and have been taking steps to consider mental health as a core part of your insurance.

First insurer in Singapore to cover mental illness

Besides innovative product solutions, we have doubled down on our brand promise of healthier, longer, better lives by actively introducing initiatives and measures to address mental health.

Supporting our community

At AIA, we aim to engage with the community by placing the health and well-being of the Singaporeans at the heart of everything we do.
We contribute to the community in many ways. We organise engaging initiatives to help people make a change to their lifestyle. We also play a leading role in Singapore's economic prosperity, championing social harmony and inclusion, giving back to the community and helping the under-privileged.


Amount we have raised in 2020

Who we support

Our commitment to a wide-ranging and impactful initiatives is a key element to achieving our purpose of helping Singaporeans to lead healthier, longer, better lives.
Your support to our fundraising activities have enabled the children and their families from Children's Wishing Well and VIVA Foundation for Children with Cancer to receive the much-needed financial assistance and medical care to continue education and fulfil dreams.
We also support the National Parks Board's nationwide OneMillionTrees movement through its registered charity and IPC, Garden City Fund, in the creation of green environments, making Singapore a greener and more sustainable home for us and our future generations.