Protection Plans

At AIA, we provide solutions according to the needs and life stages of our customers, for you and your family. We understand that as you go through many stages in your life, your needs and situations evolve and you will need the right solutions to meet your protection needs.

Life Protection
You don’t half love your family. So would you give them half the life insurance protection they need? Fewer than 2 out of 10 Singaporeans have adequate life insurance cover*. The life insurance you have now may not be enough for your children to finish school or for your parents to live in comfort in their old age should something happen to you.

Find out more about how AIA Life Protection Plans can offer affordable, full protection.

* Source: AIA Singapore Nationwide Protection Survey conducted by The Nielsen Company in June 2011

Health Protection
Staying healthy – in mind, body and soul – allows us to work hard, acquire new skills, and provide for ourselves and our loved ones. More importantly, it allows us to enjoy the pleasures of life too. But even the fittest of us can fall ill, and accidents may happen at any time.

Without basic medical insurance, a serious illness or lengthy hospital stay could wipe out your savings. And if the unexpected should happen and you are unable to work for a while, that could add up to a major financial headache.