Investment-Linked Plans

Whether you wish to grow a sum of money for your children’s education, build a retirement nest egg, or save for a rainy day, AIA Investment-Linked plans (ILPs) offer potential investment returns to suit your individual risk appetite.

ILPs are insurance plans that, typically, combine the benefits of insurance protection and investment. In general, a portion of the premium will go towards the cost of insurance and the remainder will be invested in one or more managed funds. The less insurance protection offered, the greater the amount of premium that goes towards your investment objectives.

One of the most important things to understand about ILPs is that neither principal nor performance is guaranteed. The value of your investment is dependent upon the price of units in the underlying funds and may rise or fall.

One of the principle advantages of ILPs is that you get to pick which fund(s) to invest in and, throughout the life of the policy, you can switch your fund-holding between different funds. The available funds you can choose from have a variety of risk/return profiles, and are invested in different asset classes. This means that you can achieve broad diversification and risk management with the convenience of a single plan administered by AIA. And with AIA’s track record in investment fund performance, you can take a confident step forward to your financial future.

AIA offers many funds to choose from, some of which are available under the CPF Investment Scheme. We also offer a choice of payment terms – Single or Regular Premium. You may opt for a Single Premium ILP when you have a lump sum of cash to invest all at once. Regular Premium ILPs are suitable for putting a smaller amount of money aside on a regular basis. Only Single Premium ILPs are allowed under the CPF investment scheme.