WE Commit

At AIA, our focus has always been on you, our customer. Providing you with quality financial advice, products and services in a fair and ethical manner is of utmost importance to us. We shall endeavour to provide you with:

  • Needs-based recommendations
    Our AIA Financial Services Consultants are trained to understand your financial needs and circumstances, using the Financial Health Check. This is to provide you with quality financial advice and suitable recommendations to help you fulfil your financial goals.
  • Clear and adequate product materials
    We will provide you product materials with clear and adequate information to help you make an informed decision.
  • Regular communications and timely updates
    We will keep you informed on company information and developments, as well as provide you with timely updates on your policies.
  • Prompt and effective feedback process
    We will ensure that your feedback and concerns are addressed in a prompt, effective and independent manner by having a robust feedback process in place.

We are committed to a fair dealing culture within the organisation. We welcome your feedback so that we can enhance your customer service experience with AIA. If you would like to provide us with feedback, please email to or call 1800 248 8000.